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Can I see my dog while they’re with you?


We don’t usually recommend this as it can cause unnecessary stress. We totally understand that it is hard to be away from your pet but we do our best to keep you involved in your dogs process.


Where does my dog sleep?


This depends on which trainer your dog goes with. Daniel and Kayla have a 400sq ft building off of the back of their house that is temperature controlled and monitored. Jessica has a finished garage that the dogs sleep in. 


How many updates do I get?


            Formally, you get one on Friday. We do try and update more than that but our weeks are usually pretty busy. Feel free to shoot us a text and check-in!


Do I bring my own dog food?


Yes! In fact, we require this. We ask your bring enough for your dogs stay and have accurate feeding instructions on the feeding portion of your contract. If you do not send enough food for their stay, you may bring or ship more to us or we can go and get some for a $50 fee. 


How many dogs do you take at one time?


This has a few variables. Daniel and Kayla can take up to 12 (6 for Daniel, 6 for Kayla) and Jessica can take up to 4. These numbers also change given the issues of the dogs in training. If we have aggressive dogs we will take less dogs as these dogs require A LOT of attention.


“My puppy will need shots during their stay. Can you take them?”


Yes, for an additional fee. 

Do you have a guarantee?


Yes and No. Dog Training has SO MANY variables. We do require you to do atleast 2 of your go-home lessons to get a “guarantee”. Our “guarantee” means we will re-evaluate the dog and see where the issue is, depending on that we will either offer more 1 on 1 private lessons or an additional week of training. It is extremely important to remember that dogs are not robots, they will make mistakes, they will have off days and they WILL make you say WTF some days, yes, even after training.


What vaccines do you require?


 Rabies and DHLPP, we DO NOT require Bordetella but highly recommend it. Puppies will vary on their age and what we have previously discussed.


Do they get breaks?

Yes! Just like us dogs need days off to decompress.


What are they doing during their breaks or when not in training?


They are either in their crate resting, Playing (if dog friendly), on a walk around the neighborhood, or having 1 on 1 play time with the trainer.


Does my dog ride free in your car?

The short answer is, No. On occasions we do let dogs ride free in our cars but try and avoid this.

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