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Planned Litters


Dante will be bred to ury once she comes into heat mid-Jan, Early-Feb


Dante is a medium/large male at 80lbs, with excellent bone and pigment. He has very high prey, hunt drive, and ball drive, as well as extremely high drive for obedience and very serious aggression in protection. Dante has very full, very hard gripping behavior, and extremely powerful fighting. He has excellent natural jumping ability. He shows no handler aggression, or aggression towards people or animals otherwise, and is extremely environmentally sound. He has an excellent off switch, and lives loose in the house with other dogs.

Ury is a powerful female who effortlessly switched from IPO to PA. She has full strong pushing grips, phenomenal counters, solid nerves, will go up, over or through anything for a bite. She can be female selective but overall shows no human or animal aggression.

Dante carries for black and long coat as does Ury.


Ury should be in heat very soon!


If interested in a puppy email us at

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