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Female Dog Trainer

 Kayla Morris - Owner

Before Kayla began her professional career training dogs she attended an Equestrian College in her home state of Missouri. After pursuing her love for horses, she got her first job at a very large training/boarding/grooming facility in Saint Louis, was she learned Dog Training would be her true passion. 


Kayla attended multiple Seminars and Internships and knew that she would never do anything else. She has trained almost every breed you could imagine and has learned to train each dog individually. Having competed with her personal dog in IPO and now training for PSA, gives her an eye for precision and extreme attention to detail. While she loves to compete, her true love is watching families better their communication and relationships with their dogs. She prides herself in her success rate and her balanced approach. 

 Daniel Morris - Owner

Dog Trainer

Daniel got his start in dogs early in life, growing up with multiple Dobermans that were protection dogs. From there he joined the Air Force in 2010. By 2011, Daniel was involved in sheep herding with his German Shepherd from the local shelter. After spending 18 months herding, he progressed to personal protection and police dog training. And eventually falling in love with the sport of PSA. He is active in the sport of PSA, as a certified trial decoy and has experience in a variety of other dog sports, as well. He has trained side by side with police handlers in multiple states and been fortunate enough to decoy in police seminars. Daniel has raised puppies to young adults for police, personal protection, and family companions. These dogs are always social, outgoing, and confident in every aspect of the work they do. They are taught everything with a positive method until they are young adults, then corrections come in to fine tune the training. 

Jessica Evans - Trainer

Dog Training

For as long as Jessica can remember, she enjoyed understanding behaviors of animals - especially canines. As she got older, the passion only grew along with her knowledge and experience. She has worked with many kinds of dogs: from eager dogs, to shy dogs, to dogs with a lack of motivation. She loves helping the dog and owner overcome - and understand - all of their challenges so they can be the perfect family! 


Jessica's love for training has led her to the dog sports out there that require precision and enthusiastic obedience. She trains and competes with her personal dog in PSA and various other activities. With a strong belief that the relationship between dog and owner is the foundation of obedience, she approaches training with a balanced (to your dog) method using positive reinforcement to teach and reward, then introducing the beauty of clarity by using corrections later to solidify the dog's grasp of a command. Jessica's goal is for the dog to be confident and happy to obey.

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